All workplaces need to be committed to ensuring that all worksites are safe and without risks to all workers and other people within the workplace.

This can be achieved by developing and implementing an effective work health and safety risk management framework which incorporates WHS initiatives and strategies designed to ensure the processes for the identification of hazards and associated risks and the elimination and/or minimisation of risks are known and understood by all in the workplace.

Having a pro-active work health safety risk management approach is an integral part in improving work health safety performance. Crucial to this, having effective consultative arrangements in place and a continuous quality improvement review process embedded into all WHS systems will allow organisations in keeping the workplace safe.

All workers have the right to work in a safe work environment and end your day without an injury. This can be achieved if everyone works closely together in identifying and resolving all work health safety risks in a pro-active and timely manner PRIOR to anyone being hurt.

The module is divided up into 6 units. they include:

Unit 1 – WHS responsibilities

Unit 2 – Consultative arrangements

Unit 3 – Communication principles

Unit 4 – Enforcement measures

Unit 5 – Penalty structure

Unit 6 - Notifiable incidents

These initiatives and strategies assist to enhance the safety and health of all people in the workplace.



At the completion of this module you will:

  • Explain the WHS roles and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace;
  • Develop an understanding of everyone's responsibilities within the workplace;
  • Explain the consultative arrangements required under WHS legislation; and
  • Develop an understanding of the WHS Act Enforcement Measures and Penalties.

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