The most effective way to ensure infection control is to treat all bodily fluids and surfaces as though they are infectious. Gloves must be worn wherever there is a likelihood of coming into contact with bodily fluids or tasks that involves personal care or other cleaning actions, ie: cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, linen management etc.

This module has been developed in assisting you in developing further skills and knowledge in protecting yourself and others from contracting an infectious disease or illness.

Also included within this module is COVID-19 infection control measures provided by NSW Government.

Sound infection control practices underpin the safe delivery of service for clients and workers.

The module is divided up into 8 units. They include:

Unit 1 - Infection Control and Duty of Care

Unit 2 – Infectious Disease and Illnesses

Unit 3 – Standard Precautions

Unit 4 – Hand Care and Skin Integrity

Unit 5 - Additional Precautions (COVID-19)

Unit 6 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Unit 7 – Waste Handling and Disposal

Unit 8 - If an Incident Occurs

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this module you will:

• develop an understanding of the importance of embracing infection control procedures to keep yourself and others safe;

• understand the importance of being risk mindful when working with clients in their homes and within the community.

• know your responsibilities in relation to risk management and in reporting hazards and incidents.

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