This module is all about keeping you safe when working within clients’ private homes and whenever you access the community. It has been designed to assist you in becoming a ‘risk thinker’ by being ‘risk mindful’ at all times.

Working in clients’ homes presents many unique challenges, as each home is an uncontrolled worksite. You will be rostered to work alone and at times, the homes you’ll be working in will not have been designed for the work you will be undertaking. By successfully completing this Safe Home Visiting e-Learning program you will develop an enhanced understanding of what you need to do be ‘risk mindful’ and in keeping yourself safe.

The module is divided into seven units. They include:

Unit 1 – WHS Risk Management

Unit 2 - Risk Management Framework

Unit 3 – Work Health Safety – A Shared Responsibility

Unit 4 – Risk Assessment

Unit 5 – Remote or Isolated Work

Unit 6 – Personal Safety Behaviours

Unit 7 – Being ‘Risk Mindful’

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this module you will:

• explain the risk management process for identifying and reporting hazards and incidents in all workplaces;

• identify your individual responsibilities in relation to WHS risk management; and

• explain the principles of Safe Home Visiting and ‘risk mindfulness’ and how you can keep yourself safe when working in the community.

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