This module has been designed to explore how psychological injuries are developed within the workplace and how the effective combination of primary, secondary and tertiary levels of intervention can assist in the future prevention and response to psychological injury.

The module is divided up into 7 units. They include:

Unit 1 – introduction – Psychological Injury

Unit 2 – The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012 – 2022

Unit 3 – The Role of the Supervisor / Manager

Unit 4 – Three Levels of Intervention

Unit 5 – Safety Leadership

Unit 6 – Adopting a Zero Tolerance to Bullying and Harassment

Unit 7 – Case Management Principles

Learning Outcomes

Participants on successful completion of this module will be able to:

  1. increase staff engagement so staff feel valued;
  2. develop a combination of strategies by adopting an early intervention and early return to work approach to assist injured workers transitioning back to work whilst they recover; and
  3. adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment behaviours within the workplace; and
  4. implement a specialised case management approach for psychological injury.

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