We offer a comprehensive range of Work, Health and Safety, Injury Management and Professional Development Training for paid or unpaid staff and carers supporting people within our community. With our experience we can also customise the courses and workshops below to suit your organisation’s needs and requirements to ensure you achieve real results.

WHS Risk Management

This Program can be customised to suit Frontline staff or Managers WHS Risk management is…

WHS Incident Investigation Training

The purpose of this Incident Investigation Training is to provide employers a systems approach to…

Understanding Difficult Behaviour in Dementia

This interactive workshop has been developed for workers to develop an understanding as to why…

Team Building, Teamwork & Time Management

Team building success is when your team can accomplish something much bigger and work more…

Support and Planning (Supervision) including; Work Performance

In any business supervisors are often the “jack of all trades.” They may need to…

Say “No” to Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace bullying and harassment places your staff’s health, safety and well being at risk and…

Safe Home Visiting

(Working Safely in Private Dwellings and “External” Locations) This interactive workshop has been developed to…

Psychosocial Leadership Training

Working in the Health and Community Service sector presents numerous and unique challenges regarding leadership…

Professional Boundaries & Workplace Etiquette

This interactive workshop has been developed for workers are explore their professional boundaries within the…

Privacy & Confidentiality

A service provider is required to display good governance, management and quality processes when implementing…

Motivate Your Workers

Most of us work more effectively when we have something to work towards or an…

Medication Management

This interactive workshop has been developed for workers to understand their required duties to provide…

Manual Handling Training

This interactive workshop has been developed to assist you to develop and implement a comprehensive…

Infection Control Training

This interactive workshop provides you with fundamental knowledge and understanding of how to control the…

Health & Safety Representatives 5 day Training Program

Complete program is delivered in 5 days over a maximum period of six months (35hrs)…

Health & Safety Representative 1 day Refresher Training Program

Complete program is delivered in 1 day. Approved by SafeWork NSW The course is intended…

Health & Safety Committee Training

3 day program or each program can be purchased as a stand-alone) Health and Safety…

Feedback, Complaints and Resolutions

The Community Services (Complaints, Reviews & Monitoring) Act 1993 No2 (CS-CRAMA) applies to all government…

Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace seems to be a way of life. Effective Conflict Resolution workshop…

Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk

This interactive workshop has been developed for workers to develop an understanding of their Duty…

Our Public Courses

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October 01, 2019

When is the last time you “caught” one of your workers doing something right and let them know that you noticed?

October 01, 2019

Value your staff,

Value your safety.

October 01, 2019

The purpose of learning is growth, and as our minds continue to grow, we continue to learn.

October 01, 2019

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”  

- Peter F. Drucker

October 01, 2019

Safety is not about numbers.
It's about people.”

October 01, 2019

Safety culture
requires a
team approach

October 01, 2019

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

- Zig Ziglar

October 01, 2019

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

- Randy Harrison

October 01, 2019

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  

- Peter F. Drucker

October 01, 2019

“Like a fence, boundaries require maintenance. Some people crawl on our boundaries like ivy”.

Adapted from Katherine, A. Boundaries, where you end and I begin. (1991). Simon & Schuster, NY.

October 01, 2019

Everyone experiences conflictit’s how you deal with it that matters.

October 01, 2019

“Be a Risk Thinker and keep yourself safe”

October 01, 2019

 Motivation is not about lighting a fire under a person – it is about lighting a fire within.