This interactive workshop has been developed to assist managers and supervisors in providing their staff with the skills, knowledge and understanding to support clients that display behaviours of concern. Behaviour of concern is a way of describing a behaviour that may be a problem to them and to others.

Behaviours of concern can be when someone does things that hurt themselves, other people and property.

Within this workshop we specifically address clients’ living with behaviours of concern. We will be looking at behavioural symptoms of dementia and how it should be looked at in a person centred framework, and How mental health problems affect clients’ thinking, feelings and behaviour. Life can become very difficult for them and they may not be coping well with their daily living.

This workshop will assist managers to effectively risk manage their clients’ service delivery, which assists in enhancing their quality of life. The training incorporates the NSW Disability Service Act of 1993 and Standards, and NSW Government Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) related policies of best Practice and the Mental Health Act 2007.

TARGET GROUP: Front line staff / Volunteers / Carers/Managers and Supervisors

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