Communication is very powerful; it can bring us comfort or pain, sadness or joy in only a few words, pictures or gestures. It can affect our productivity in the workplace, help us solve problems and achieve our goals.

Communication is central to the organisation. Good communication can unite a group of employees and help them work as a team, and it can also weld the various parts of an organisation together into an enterprising, efficient and effective whole.

As a manager and for the organisation, communication is a vital and constant part of an organisation’s life. Whether written, oral or symbolic, it serves to transmit information from one person (or group) to another person (or group). In the workshop we will be looking at many ways we can communicate with others (and ourselves) at work.

For Supervisors, Team Leaders and Coordinators

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“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”  

- Peter F. Drucker

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