This module has been developed in assisting you in developing further skills and knowledge in supporting a person with medication.

The module will provide you a further understanding of your required duties to provide physical or verbal assistance to people who need to take or apply medication.  

This module will also cover best practice - “What if?” (medication errors, refusal to take medication, errors on documents, manage medication containers and transport).

The module is divided up into 15 units. They include:

Unit 1 - Supply of Medication

Unit 2a – Medication Management Plan (MMP).

Unit 2b - Medication Administration Form and Authority Record Sheets

Unit 2c – Non-Prescribed Medication

Unit 3 - Schedule of Medications

Unit 4 - Blister Pack – FRONT & BACK

Unit 5 – Storage of Medications

Unit 6 – Signing In and Out of Medication

Unit 7 - Storage of Medication on Outings and During Transport and Community Access

Unit 8 - Consent, Psychotropic Medication and Challenging Behaviour

Unit 9 – 5 Rules of Medication

Unit 10 – Medication Errors Scenarios

Unit 11 – Medication Errors

Unit 12 – The Client You are Supporting in Administering Their own Medication

Unit 13 - Record Keeping

Unit 14 - Routine Administering Medication guidelines

Unit 15 – Infection Control Guidelines

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this module you will:

• develop an understanding of the importance in supporting a person that needs assistance with their medication;

• develop an understanding the professional relationship between the person you support and a service provider;

• develop the skills in checking a webster pack;

• develop an understanding of the importance of securing all medication appropriately in various environments;

• develop the skills in what action should be taken if there is a medication error; and

• develop an understanding of the importance of documentation.

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