This module has been developed in assisting you in developing further skills and knowledge in supporting a person whilst maintaining your professional boundaries.

Professional boundaries are required to be in check at all times whilst providing a service that the business has engaged you to do so as a paid worker or volunteer.

This module will discuss professional boundaries, how to maintain your professional boundaries and what to do if you cross your professional boundaries.

We always recommend for you to refer to your workplace policies and your duties statement.

The module is divided up into 9 units. They include:

Unit 1 - Boundary crossings are common

Unit 2 - The Importance of Boundaries

Unit 3 - Why have boundaries?

Unit 4 - How are boundaries formed?

Unit 5 - Professional Boundaries

Unit 6 – Possibility of Boundary Issues

Unit 7 - Appropriate Behaviours

Unit 8 - Navigating the Traps

Unit 9 - What to do if you believe that Professional Boundaries have been crossed?

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this module you will:

• develop a better understanding of your professional boundaries;

• develop understanding the importance of establishing boundaries whilst providing a service and meeting people you support;

• develop an understanding the importance of professional boundaries and the consequences of a breach of these boundaries; and

• recognise the distinction between compassionate behaviour (which is a professional, responsible action) and affectionate behaviour (which is an unprofessional action)

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